Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2013

Report Weeks 3-4

I'll be perfectly frank with you that I was very busy these weeks.
However, I regularly listened to the German audiobook "Spektrum" and ended it.
In addition, I managed to find the time to start learning Italian with the language textbook "Espresso".
The first season of "Ojciec Mateusz" is seen out.

So I had the following points in these weeks:
#pl #watchvideo 28.0
#it #learntextbook 10.5
#de #listenaudio 168.4
#de #readarticle 11.8

There are:
Dichter ziehen um in Clubs und Kneipen
Die Macht des Klangs
Arbeitszeitmodell: "Allzeit bereit"

Mittwoch, 18. September 2013

Reporting: Week 2

My progress

I'm beginning to watch a good polish serial "Ojciec Mateusz".
I find the first season as fantastic.

The second book "Carnival" of  Annette Keen is read completely.
I started to listening to VOA podcasts:
my first audio here: 
- Van Cliburn Competition: Looks for the Best of the Best
- American Leaks Details of Secret Goverment Programs

I have studied thoroughly the Danish alphabet. I start practicing the pronunciation of sounds.

Continuous Reading: "Spektrum" of Sergej Lukyanenko

10 sep
#pl #watchvideo 4.0
#en #readbook 3.0

11 sep
#pl #watchvideo 4.0
#en #listenaudio 3.0

12 sep
#pl #watchvideo 4.0
#dk #learntextbook 1.5

14 sep
#pl #watchvideo 4.0
#dk #learntextbook 3.0

15 sep
#pl #watchvideo 4.0
#de #listenaudio 4.0

16 sep
#pl #watchvideo 4.0
#en #listenaudio 3.0

Dienstag, 10. September 2013

Report 9 Sep

9 Sep #modifiedTakedo
#de #writeessay 3.0
#en #talkspeaker 6.0
#en #writeessay #review 7.2

New Review

(Nie)boszczyk mąż(Nie)boszczyk mąż by Joanna Chmielewska
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read carefully!

Chmielewska is a classic Polish detective autor for me. Why do I rate she so high? Frankness, originality, unique sense of humor, as well as skillful depiction of human weaknesses and strengths.
She manages to organize the "confront" for such characters so perfectly!

This work is no exception to the rule.
I advise you to take a read and make sure that this happened here.

In the story we are dealing with a variety of figures (which are very clearly described), but comes to the fore a duo of Wolski.

Marina is a typical housewife who did not finish university, sat at home all day. She don't sinned sham intelligence.

True, she has a culinary talent. Being a "dame" without big ambitions, married she at the time to Carol - a sort of financial "shark" of construction business. This subject requires boundless praise and perfectly cooked meal for dinner to himself. Everything kept to the beaten track, and then, after a few years of marriage, suddenly the words of her husband takes off an unpleasant word: DIVORCE!

Marina is in shock, and now realized that she can get the key of the street so quickly, besides, out of money, and then ... she begins to act ...

And how had she found it all! ... Where was her mediocrity! She starts spinning intrigues that are "truly damning" ...

And this is not a classic detective novel, this is an another story...

Actions are described precisely and smoothly. Chmielewska conveys the story perfectly of which come out the nature of the all persons.

The story painted beautifully with the typical ironic humor that is present in every work of the writer. Just that is a strong place of Joanna: Easy and fun style!
And here comes a love story extra.

This novel can not get bored, I red, laughed, representing some of these comic scenes. I suddenly thought now, and that's work is a fine material for theatrical productions.

Summary: I recommend it! Especially for young people!
Lively ironic opposition of human weaknesses, in my opinion, brings theirs own character very good.
The main thing is to incite myself at first on an ironic manner.

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Montag, 9. September 2013

First week is out!

Statistics after first week:

#de 66.5
#pl 25.5
#en 7.3
#dk 6.0

sum: 105.2

I'm moving forward!

Report 7-8 Sep


7 Sep
#de #listenaudio #dw #alltagsdeutsch 3.0
#de #readarticle #dw #alltagsdeutsch 2.4
#pl #listenaudio 9.8#en #readbook #penguin0 4.8

8 Sep
#de #listenaudio 4.0
#dk #learntextbook 3.0
#en #readbook #penguin0 4.9
#pl #listenaudio #twain 4.8

My polish status

Today I will tell you a little about my Polish preferences.
I have never studied the Polish language, but lived on the Belarusian-Polish border.

We were young then. I'm interested in music and worked as a disc jockey in one of the youth clubs. To attract new customers, we would like to always have the newest dance music. Then we had only one way to keep up with the times. Every night from Friday to Saturday we were sitting at the console of FM receiver. We listened to the music news from the polish RMF FM radio channel and recorded this on the tape. Finally, on Saturdays the latest dance hits were playing at our club.

Radio reports and commentaries of music journalist Bogdan Fabianski were always fun and we listened to him alive in spite of the foreign language. After these weekly training in listening to the radio we gradually came to understand the Polish language.

Many years have passed and I decided to make sure that I understand Polish, at least a little. It turned out that something is remembered.  I decided to work a little with the Polish, and now I will not want it to forget. I will concentrate on reading books, listening to audio books or watching movies.

My first audiobook:  Joanna Chmielewska:  (Nie)boszczyk mąż
My favourite series: Ojciec Mateusz

I have already started to move in this direction...